• Image of Proper Francis Mug
  • Image of Proper Francis Mug
  • Image of Proper Francis Mug

Celebrating the era when Preece and Francis grabbed about a million goals, this mug is our homage to our hometown team. While the famous clubs will always be more popular, we couldn't do United and City without standing up for our own team.

Harping back to when our kits were made by Gola, this mug is inspired by the away kit zigzag design of the 1992-93 season.

We almost added COLA instead of GOLA but that'd be a bit too silly wouldn't it?

Limited to just 80 of the white mug and 20 of the clear, if these sell well we've got a few more up our sleeve.

Please allow up to 10 days for delivery, however it being Christmas means we'll do our very best to get your order out in time for it to make an ideal stocking filler for a loved one who really likes drinking brews and watching football.

It's also worth pointing out for the benefit of the hard of thinking, that these are tough plastic mugs, lightweight, dishwasher safe and if you drop them clumsily, there's a fair chance they'll bounce rather than break. No guarantees there, but while they may not have the weight and substance of a traditional mug, they're miles better.

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