Proper Magazine Issue 32 - Berghaus Cover

Proper Magazine Issue 32 - Berghaus Cover

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Whilst putting together this latest jacket packed issue there’s been a heck of a lot happening at Proper HQ. We’ve just released an exciting new collab with our brand Hikerdelic and legendary French footwear brand Kickers,we’ve also created some films for the Berghaus heritage collection currently going down a storm and we’ve also been hanging out in Japan looking at suave Swiss trainers.

So you know, we don't 
expect any sympathy but please excuse any spelling mistakes or glaring inaccuracies that you may come across.

You’ll find pieces on all of the above in this issue alongside stuff on the relationship between fashion and architecture, drinking in the world’s remotest gin bar, a Chicago house legend who lives in North Manchester alongside a handy guide to identifying fashion wankers. Yeah OK you found me!

Traditionally this seasonal issue has always had more than its fair share of outerwear included init so we’ve done our best to pack it with some of the best coats, parkas, anoraks and anything else with loads of pockets and a really nice hood.

So whether you’re a reader, a retailer a really nice brand (or maybe all three) then we’d like to thank you for all your support and hope you enjoy this issue of Proper.