Proper Magazine Issue 26 - Pill Cover

Proper Magazine Issue 26 - Pill Cover

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It's back and it's had a facelift.  

Proper began almost 15 years ago as a fanzine, printed on a £30 printer in a spare bedroom then photocopied. Somehow, without really, really trying, we've now done our 26th issue and it was time for a little redecorate. The size has increased and it's had a gentle redesign. 

The content remains largely the same mish-mash of clothes chat, interviews with people we wish we were, product features where we pretend not to be geeks by making puns about them and a general understated sense of showing off.

This time, we've done 2 covers rather than the usual 4. Subscribers will receive the other cover to this. 

This issue features a mixture of the familiar world of hikerdelia as well as an insight into a couple of brands where the establishment and their various ills have fuelled creativity.

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