Proper Gaulle Stones Mug - White

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Several years ago, Proper headed to Paris. While the primary function of the trip was to look at loads of coats and talk to the people who made them, we had some downtime during which we headed to Les Puces - Flea markets. After dodging rusty bicycle frames, odd garden furniture and a massive, broken Mickey Mouse, we happened upon an indoor area which sold magazines and stuff. A few vintage copies of Charlie Hebdo were purchased before we found a Mai 68 poster different to all the others that featured an enigmatic pile of riot ready paving stones. Though it was only when the shop owner turned the image on it's side that the ultimate target of those stones appeared, one Charles De Gaulle in a suitably stony profile. Given that it's 50 years since that situation occurred we thought we'd celebrate that historic Parisian tear up by putting this image onto a mug so you can turn a pile of stones into CDG and back again every time you take a slurp of your coffee.

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