Proper Magazine Issue 14 (MAGP14A)

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Back, and Still Fresh for the winter, Proper Magazine 14 is better than ever and with the highest pun count since records began. With loads of great trainer coverage sneaked in (sneaked, get it?) and some very amusing tales of work japes, the Footwork Issue is a cracker, just in time for Christmas. Music comes in the form of the largely untold story of a provincial recording studio without which all your favourite music (probably) wouldn't exist. Intrigued? You should be. For the clothes bores amongst you there are features on Palace Skateboards, Brooklyn We Go Hard and of course Adidas and there's possibly the best ever vintage Nike collection photographed for your pleasure. Additional features on goretex pioneers Norrona, plus a comprehensive history of a couple of more obscure trainer brands and it's another great addition to your magazine rack. Do people still even have them? Please allow a little longer than normal for delivery given the time of year. Blue cover limited to us, while stockists get a nice shade of red. Both limited, and as you'll see from past issues it's highly likely to sell out. Once they're gone, they're gone and your tears are worth nothing to us. Nothing.