Hikerdelic x Novesta 'Trampky Guy' T-Shirt - Grey

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When we started looking at the Novesta story we felt compelled to use their logo on a t-shirt. The fact that (to our knowledge) they'd never done this before led us to believe maybe it wasn't possible, but after a chat with Igor and Juraj it turns out it was. We then found their hiking bloke is known as TRAMPKY GUY, a play on the Slovak word for Hike, and he's been around since 1960.

We've not done many of these because although we reckon they're great and they're a rare chance to own a piece of Novesta clothing, they've not been done before, so who knows whether people want them or not? We like them, that's the main thing. 

Please allow up to a week for delivery, though we'll usually be quicker.