Proper Eric Mug - Green

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Remember when the lad in a leather jacket that was too short for him abused Eric Cantona? Remember how in court he claimed what he'd actually said was " Off! Off! Off! It's an early bath for you, Mr Cantona!"
Brilliantly flimsy defence that. Anyway, as ever we're tapping into a moment in football history and making a permanent memento available related to it. This mug is based on a kit United wore to celebrate their Newton Heath beginnings. Remember they even did a team photo where they all had mad hair and beards and that. Simpler times. 
Anyway, as ever, this is a strong, stern plastic mug ideal for just sitting on a shelf looking all pleased with itself, or using to actually drink out of. It'll accompany you up Ben Nevis or it'll be equally at home housing stationary on your desk at work. Your call really. You could even use it in the bathroom. You know, if you fancy an early bath. 
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