Proper Magazine Issue 27 - Bands FC Cover

Proper Magazine Issue 27 - Bands FC Cover

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In this oh-so-Summery issue you'll find some highly desirable items from the Outsiders store alongside features on lovely labels like Fronteer, New Balance, Barbour, Kavu and The Workers Club. There are also interviews with dead good designer man Aaron Draplin as well as the kicks connoisseur himself, Kish Kash.

Birthday greetings are also in order, as we're helping our mates over at Wellgosh celebrate an impressive 30 years in the business by asking them 30 questions. Make sure you read their answers as there's an anecdote about a changing room you don't want to miss.

Actually maybe you do.

Given their recent success in that big, international ball kicking game, we thought we'd apportion a segment of the magazine to some of the greatest clothing to come out of France. Expect fancy restaurant menus, cool graphic novels, beautiful Breton stripes and loads of je ne sais quoi

We've also got a piece on a country that we're far less familiar with though no less interested, North Korea. So be sure to check the latest tome from Taschen that's all about the hermit kingdom's imposing architecture.

There's also an in-depth interview with our new favourite band Fuzzy Sun, whose music sounds like the soundtrack to the greatest film you've never seen. Despite being a relatively new group we can definitely see them getting their own badge made by Bands F.C. whose wonderful football crest style band tributes can also be found within these hallowed pages.

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