Proper x Manastash Bodhi Mug White (MUGC003)

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On sale at 7pm on Monday 22/8/16, which is in... Our mates from Manastash recently came all the way from Japan to see us (and some other people, we're not that important). To mark this auspicious occasion we decided to do some mugs together with them, utilising the truly tremendous work of Ben Lamb. The result is a campfire classic. Limited to just 50 of each colour, they're sure to be a hikerdelic hit. Please allow up to a week for delivery in the UK, slightly longer if you're based further away. Please also note, if you were in any doubt, these mugs are made from plastic, which we're told is unbreakable. Having never driven a massive wagon over them, we can't attest to this property, but either way they look great and they will take some serious use. They're also dishwasher safe, which is obviously a terrific boon.