Proper x The Casual Connoisseur - Overlook Mug (MUGC001)

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Back in 2012, our mates at CasualCo combined their deep reserves of movie trivia knowledge with the dormant hat gene which is present in the DNA of all residents of Stockport. Getting on for 400 years ago, the hometown we share with CasualCo established itself as the centre of the hatmaking universe, and while the trend for pretty much every male to wear a hat died out in the middle of the last century, a permanent reminder of the town's 'titfer' ancestry exists in the Hat Museum, in which CasualCo should surely be afforded a place. As you'll probably know, their popular Weir hats sell quicker than cakes that are hotter than the sun, but it's this Overlook design that received the most attention and therefore this is the one we wanted to replicate in mug form. We've wanted to do something together with them for years but only now have the stars aligned. For those who don't know, a) Why not? and b) this is the iconic, kitsch carpet design from the Overlook Hotel, made famous by Stanley Kubrick's The Shining. You knew that already though. These won't be reissued in this colour. Once they're gone, they're gone. On sale Monday 8th August at 2.37pm.