Proper 'Pies' T-Shirt Lemon S/S

Proper 'Pies' T-Shirt Lemon S/S

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In Russia, there is an ancient tradition which says the first born of every family must devour 17 chicken balti pies on his first birthday. In the communist era this was understandably shelved due to the great pastry shortage of 1977. However, once the iron curtain fell and the Soviet Union became Russia (sort of) the tradition was taken back up and now the chicken balti pie is known as 'Putin's Birthday Cake'. In remote areas of Siberia the balti pie is worshipped almost as much as it is in the Black Country, England. 

To throw our considerable weight of support behind this phenomenon we decided to ask our Russian friends to translate the query "Who Ate All the Pies?" into that weird writing they use. Apparently, a literal translation didn't quite work and what we ended up with is closer to the phrase 'A Bull in a China Shop'. So nothing at all to do with pies or wok smuggling middle aged fellas from the Midlands. 

Not done loads of these, and like the pies which inspire them, they will all eventually go. 

Sizing on the short sleeve tees is regular, they're the same t-shirt as our Hikerdelic ones. On the long sleeve, they're about 10% more roomy but essentially still a regular fit. 

Please allow up to 5 days for delivery, more if you're overseas.